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Ottawa Chiropractor :: Dr. Paul Groulx

Dr. Paul Groulx, Ottawa Chiropractor and his family.

Dr. Paul Groulx, Ottawa Chiropractor and his family


“Paramedic down!” That was me. In the late 1980’s I was thrilled to begin an exciting career as a paramedic in the Toronto area. I loved everything about it. I was young, fit and strong. One afternoon, a routine emergency call changed everything. It was at the end of a long string of shifts and I was tired. I injured my spine in a way that that threatened my career. It was agony.

I was Desperate for Help

Several colleagues suggested I see I chiropractor – but I wanted nothing to do with them or the “back-cracking” they offered. “How could cracking my back help?” I would ask, – “Doesn’t that just make your spine even looser? Once I start with them, they will want to keep me coming back forever – it’s addictive, once you start you can’t stop”. My list of objections was endless. I wish I could say that when I finally consulted a chiropractor it came from a logical open minded decision. It wasn’t. I was desperate – nothing else was working and I was sick of taking pain-killers. With a chip on my shoulder, I made my first appointment with Dr. Fred. When I met him, I was surprised at how knowledgeable he was. I had assumed that chiropractors were called “doctors” the way I saw “The Fridge Doctor” advertised in the yellow pages. I was stunned when I learned how well educated a doctor of chiropractic is. The more questions I asked, the more embarrassed I became. It seemed that all of my fears and preconceived ideas were based on nothing more than heresay, inuendo and rumor. Chiropractic, when explained, was very simple and logical.

I Decided to Return to School

It was not long after my injury that I decided to return to school. Four years later I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I spent two summers with a Search and Resuce Unit in the Canadian Coast Guard before returning to formal studies one last time – Chiropractic School.

People are curious to learn why I transitioned from life as a Registered Nurse to Chiropractic.

I loved my nursing career but I grew frustrated at how difficult it was to promote health in a system that is so focused on treating disease. I cared deeply for my patients but I was profoundly troubled that most of the drugs I administered merely masked patient’s symptoms and did nothing to correct the underlying cause of their illness. Furthermore, study after study showed that despite all the money being spent on drug research and medical technology, Canadians were getting sicker instead of healthier. I needed to change my health discipline; one that sought to find the underlying cause of disease, was drug-free and safe. I found that in a most unexpected profession….Chiropractic.

My family is my inspiration.

It is easy to get side-tracked and lose focus on what and who is really important isn’t it? A health crisis often clarifies our priorities. My family is my priority. I feel so blessed to have the family that I do. As busy as I am, I could not do it without Beth (my beautiful bride) and my two precious daughters (who look just like their mother – thank goodness!). Beth and I met at the University of Ottawa – we were both Nursing students. She has a huge servant heart. Watching how “full-out” she loves others is an inspiration. When I am not out and about having fun with my family, I love to golf and I really love aviation. There is nothing like piloting a small aircraft in a busy aerodrome like Ottawa to keep your attention and focus sharp!

Enough About Me!

“Enough about me! I would love to hear about you. Call our Ottawa office for a no-charge consultation. If you are nervous or skeptical, I understand – so was I. Just make the call.

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